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Registered companies can download the company version of the ArcGIS data set


Interactive GIS-map of Disko and Nuussuaq, West Greenland

The WebGIS map gives an overview of some of the geodatabases that are available. You can inspect and search results as metadata and pdf-files. A full ArcGIS project with additional data and information is available for companies. For acquiring a company version, you need to request for a user profile and login. Only registered companies can get access to download of the full version. If large downloads are a problem, a copy of the project on a USB stick can be ordered by contacting MMR at geology.nanoq.gl.

The full GIS project includes:

  • Company reports & GEUS survey publications
  • Well and core locations and data; Oil seep locations and types
  • Petroluem systems information
  • Geophysical survey coverage (seismic, magnetic, gravity)
  • Aerial and oblique photo information for 3D photogrammetry and mapping
  • Lithostratigraphic charts and correlation diagrams
  • Biostratigraphic information
  • Structural maps
  • Digital geological map (1: 500 000)
  • Georeferenced geological map sheets (1: 100 000)

Request a company login

Every company must request a user profile to get access to the download section for the company version of the ArcGIS dataset. Please fill out the required fields. After submitting, the information will be validated and if approved, an email will be sent to the contact email with the login information.

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