For the upcoming Disko-Nuussuaq licensing round, deadline 15th December 2016, the Ministry of Mineral Resources (MMR) and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) have produced new structural mapping and an updated GIS compilation of the Disko-Nuussuaq region.

A summary report with key preliminary results can be found here:

Disko-Nuussuaq GIS compilation

GEUS Copyright note

Companies interested in applying for an exploration licence in the 2016 Licensing Round are welcome to contact MMR (geology@nanoq.gl).

A free copy of the updated GIS compilation can be downloaded by filling out this request form.  If large downloads are problem, a copy on a USB stick can be ordered by contacted MMR (geology@nanoq.gl).

The GIS compilation is for internal use only and cannot be distributed. The compilation includes geology, structural mapping, geophysical data, stratigraphy, wells, paleogeography and topography, and more. Details are given in the summary report. Public reports are provided in the same dispatch.

The GIS compilation should help companies to define targets of interest prior to the licensing round application deadline.

From GEUS, the following people have been involved in the development work for the construction of this portal: John Robert Hopper, Nina Skaarup, Willy Lehmann Weng, Christian Brogaard Pedersen, Tjerk Heijboer. From MMR Jan Schulz Adolfssen and Kristian Grube Jacobsen, have been involved (as of 2. November 2016).